Executive Director

Charles Wright

Charles took Dr. Leichtman’s Active Meditation instructor’s course in 1970. Since then he has taught Active Meditation, been a radio personality, has started a few businesses, and recently has been working to produce this online audio course. He is the main creative force behind the audio exercises on this site. Major sources of inspiration come from The Moody Blues, Robert Monroe (Monroe Institute), and David Gibson (Sound Healing Center). Charles and Robert actively collaborate on the production of this website, meditations and all of its learning resources.

Creative Director

Garrett F. La Valley

Garrett is the founder of OdinCat Media Group, which provides high-quality digital media solutions to businesses and nonprofits. His company manages the website, social media, visual branding and marketing for Active Meditation. On a personal level, Garrett is an avid student of meditation, yoga and spiritual traditions. He has been studying and practicing yoga since the age of 15.

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 Traditionally, meditation techniques and the accompanying spiritual truths are offered free of charge.

We embrace this tradition.  All Active Meditation exercises and written materials are complimentary.

  Active Meditation Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3 ) corporation.

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