What is Active Meditation?

Active Meditation is a process of consciously directing our thoughts and feelings to expose them to the benefit of our inner intelligence and compassion. The intent is to develop a working relationship with our higher self.

Why is the course free?

Traditionally spiritual teachings and meditations have presented free of charge.  We have embraced that tradition.  Active Meditation is adequately funded and will continue to be.  We do not require, request, or encourage donations.

How do I take the course?

Find a comfortable relaxing position and listen to the meditation through a good pair of headphones.  If you don’t have headphones try to position your head between speakers to receive the full benefit of the binaural beats.  Having said that, the meditations themselves are very effective in mono, without headphones or binaural beats.  Each meditation runs from 30 to 45 minutes.

The course is built so that each meditation builds on the previous one. It is our recommendation to listen to each and every meditation, in order, at least once.  It is common to settle on one or a few that become favorites. We then have experience with a portfolio of practicle meditative exercises that can be accessed, as needed, when issues appear in our life that will be helped by working with our higher self utilizing the appropriate meditation technique.

Anything I should not do?

You absolutely should not listen to these exercises while driving an automobile, motorcycle, or operating heavy machinery.

How many meditations are there?

So far, we have plans for 6 modules with 5 or 6 meditations each.  Our intent is to add at least one meditation per month, each new meditation building on the techniques learned in the previous ones.


Why do many of the meditations sound the same?

Repetition and regular practice is the key to success.  The detachment and identification process is repeated in most exercises to help us develop familiarity and proficiency. The goal being that Active Meditation proficiency may eventually exist with or without listening to the exercises with headphones.

Is Active Meditation religious?

No. The principles and techniques of Active Meditation are universal and timeless, dating back at least 5000 years.  The course provides a direct meditative experience that is compatible with all religions and spiritual teachings.

What is meant by inner intelligence and compassion?

We all have moments when we seem to think much more clearly or feel much more benevolent and peaceful.  This is evidence that each one of us has the potential for better thinking and greater wisdom as well as the potential for emotional calmness and happiness.  It is the best part of our minds.

Why would Active Meditation help anyone?

The value of Active Meditation lies in learning to give our attention to the real strengths of character we have and identifying with them. Then we will be able to more effectively control any weaknesses of character or work with any problem more effectively.  We learn to identify with our higher self and work with it to clear away confusion and indecision.  We learn to give selective attention to elements of joy and peacefulness and use them to overcome depression and anxiety.


How is all of this done?

We learn how to relax physically, emotionally, and mentally while remaining awake and attentive.  Then we learn to detach ourselves from our ordinary level of thought and feeling.  By the process of elimination of these elements, to some degree, our attention seeks out the inner core of our character, which is the wise, compassionate and calm part of us.  It's all very easy.

Wait a minute!   What is so easy about relaxing?

Relaxing the body isn't enough.  The mind should be relaxed too, and this is the reason that many people don’t achieve reliable relaxation when they want it.  Relaxation is not a matter of suggesting the right ideas.  It is a matter of learning to release excess energy that keeps us tense, frustrated and anxious.  Handling the energy of tension is easy and effective.  But working with the idea of tension by suggesting words to our mind is what doesn't work well.

How do we contact our inner strength & wisdom once relaxed?

We do this by consciously detaching ourselves from outer ideas, attitudes and habits of thoughts.  This means that we know that we are more intelligent than our occasional states of confusion and indecision, more joyful than our periods of discouragement, and more peaceful than the moments of anxiety and pain we occasionally experience. We drill ourselves by directing our attention in this way until we experience a state of inner joy and calmness. Then we are in tune with the best in our character.   Practice through repetition deepens this experience.

Where is the activity in Active Meditation?

The activity involves two phases.  First is the deliberate conscious detachment from negative attitudes and limiting ideas in favor of giving attention to the elements of wisdom and compassion in us.  The second part involves the review of bad memories, unpleasant emotions, past or future problems of our personality from the point of relative strength and wisdom of our meditative state.  In this state of meditation, our mind will think better so we can create new approaches to handling difficult situations in our daily life.  We also can identify with our capacity to be affectionate and happy and apply these emotions to help burn out negative moods and attitudes from our personality.

How does this differ from other types of meditation?

Most other varieties of meditation encourage us to still the mind, inhibit the emotions and otherwise become as passive as possible. We all need moments of quietness to get our thoughts together, but the intelligent approach to life is not inactive. Training in inactivity tends to cause our personality to become passive. This does not directly foster creativity, the development of intuition for problem solving, or the active management of disturbing and inappropriate negative feelings. This is why Active Meditation is suited to western people.

Can I get this by just reading about it somewhere?

Reading might help us get the idea of this, but not the actual skill of it.  Effective meditation is a talent that must be learned and practiced just like golf or swimming. The idea is not enough. This requires training by someone who already has the skills.

Isn’t this just hypnosis anyway?

Not at all! Hypnosis relaxes us quite well usually, but it will not necessarily put us in touch with our creative intelligence and our genuine capacity for compassion and benevolence.  This seems to lie in a deeper part of the mind that cannot be commanded to appear and work by order of the conscious mind. We can to learn to cooperate with this part of the mind.  This requires active and conscious surrender of the personality to our higher self.  Then, new life and strength can be added to our character.


How long does it take to learn?

The basic skills can be learned in a few days. But useful talent and expertise usually requires a few months of practice and repetition.

Is it dangerous?

Extremely upset and confused personalities may be aggravated by the aggressive exploration of their minds.  Almost everyone else will find new life, new understanding and strength added to their character by the process of Active Meditation.

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 Traditionally, meditation techniques and the accompanying spiritual truths are offered free of charge.

We embrace this tradition.  All Active Meditation exercises and written materials are complimentary.

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