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 Traditionally, meditation techniques and the accompanying spiritual truths are offered free of charge.

We embrace this tradition.  All Active Meditation exercises and written materials are complimentary.

  Active Meditation Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3 ) corporation.

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Guided Meditations & Soundscapes with Binaural Beats



What is Active Meditation?

Active meditation is a process of consciously directing your thoughts and feelings to expose them to the benefit of your inner intelligence and compassion.

What is meant by inner intelligence and compassion?

Everyone has moments when they seem to think much more clearly or feel much more benevolent and peaceful.  This is evidence that they have the potential for better thinking and greater wisdom as well as the potential for emotional calmness and happiness.  It is the best part of our minds.

How can Active Meditation help?

The value lies in learning to give your attention to the real strengths of character you have and then identifying with them. Then you will be able to more effectively control any weaknesses of character or work with any problem more easily.  You learn to give selective attention to your wisdom and use it to clear away confusion and indecision.  You learn to give selective attention to elements of joy and peacefulness and use them to overcome depression and anxiety.


How does this differ from other types of meditation?

Most other varieties of meditation encourage you to still the mind, inhibit the emotions and otherwise become as passive as possible. The average person needs moments of quietness to get their thoughts together, but the intelligent approach to life must never be passive. Training in passiveness tends to cause the personality to become passive. It does not directly foster creativity, the development of intuition for problem solving, or the active management of disturbing and inappropriate negative feelings. This is why Active  Meditation is suited to western people.